Learn everything you ever wanted to know about your cock and balls, your asshole and all the stuff in between. We will teach you how to recognize your own pleasure buttons. Our live models will demonstrate breathing techniques, exercises and “choking the chicken” with and without toys, to get you out of your head and in touch with your body….


Learn how to “grease the wheel” to make sex for you and your partner(s) an amazing full bodied experience. Find out how to focus on the moment, ask for what you want and listen to those subtle pleasure clues that will get the juices flowing for everyone involved!…

Class #3: HOW MANY LICKS? Private Play Party

From kissing to cock sucking, we all want to know if we are doing it well! When it comes to ORAL we know you can either approach it like a fast food meal OR savor it like a sweet, gourmet confection! How Many Licks does it take to get your partner going? What are some ways to make kissing more creative? What does it take to give a really good blow job? Can you really put your tongue there? YES you can!…

How Many Licks…? Oral Play: Your Mouth And All You Can Do With It! Sunday May 18th, Noon-3PMRegister Now

About Us

San Francisco based Sacred Intimate, TTBaum brings MEN How To Fuck Better, adult focused sex education!

Most of us never learned how to have good sex! The old “Birds-and-Bees” talk was either clunky and vague or never happened at all. High school Sex Education? Forget it! So what were we left with – PORN! Well we have news for you, fucking like a porn star is not having good sex! Good sex, even GREAT sex starts with slowing down, knowing your body, what it does and what to do with it!

TT has spent years teaching individual clients the ins-and-outs of their own anatomy, body mechanics and giving them the secrets to good sex. Now he has taken what he knows, broken it down into eight super hot, information packed classes, and offer you the opportunity to learn How to Fuck Better!

Look at the full curriculum for more detailed class descriptions of our How to Fuck Better 5 PART series.

Can you really put your tongue there? YES you can!
For most of us our assholes are some uncharted territory
Sometimes not knowing leads to the most fun