Live Demo Models

Have you ever wanted to demonstrate your sexual prowess in front of a class full of eager students?

How to Fuck Better is continually looking for live demo models to help us teach our material. The goal is to provide our students with practical technique and information to take into the real world.



● Looking for adult male models, with specialties in several different areas, including masturbation, foreplay, oral play, bottoming, topping, and specialties such as BDSM, Fantasy, Roleplay, Negotiating group scenes, Professional etiquette, etc.

● This is a class on all aspects of fucking. You will be expected to be comfortable performing in front of an audience, taking direction from the class facilitators, and answering questions/offering insights into your own experiences with good sex.

● Each class is a 3 hour commitment. We expect you to commit to at least one class, be open to attending the Practical Practice Play Party for regular students at the end of the series, and sign on to be an alternate for at least one other class in case a model has to back out.

● We offer a stipend for each class you demo for.


● This is an opportunity to promote yourself to a potentially new demographic of men.

● We encourage you to bring along information, web URLs, cards, promotional materials to the class you are helping with.

● You get to be part of a groundbreaking, provocative approach to Sex Education in the gay community.

● We want to have FUN and we want this to be FUN for you!



Contact us at this email address. Please include face and full body nude pix.

Must be 18 years old to apply.